Anti-Theft Enclosure for Chromecast

Deliver superior guest experience with a Chromecast without worrying about unauthorized reset, theft, or damage.

chromecast anti theft

Designed for Hospitality, Engineered to Perfection

  • Anti-Theft

Install this wall-mounted security box and prevent theft of your Chromecast from hotel rooms, hospitals, or public areas

  • Anti-Reset

Cut off access to Chromecast’s Reset button and prevent unauthorized reset of the settings by guests or employees

  • Anti-Disturbance

Conceal the Power Light on Chromecast for your overnight guests and let them enjoy a tranquil, relaxing sleep

  • Anti-Damage

Secure your Chromecast in the lightweight, high-strength, robust plastic enclosure to protect it against accidental damage & vandalism

**Chromecast NOT included** 
Secure mountable bracket using screws compatible with your TV model (up to M6).
Precision fit for 3rd gen ONLY.

Deliver the Ultimate in Entertainment to Guests

Delight your guests with world-class entertainment from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and thousands of other compatible apps on Chromecast. Earn brownie points from guests and visitors by allowing them to stream their own content. Make them feel at home, earn a place in their hearts, and win lifetime customers that keep coming back. Want to know why? Because:

  • They can stream to any TV in the room
  • They can enjoy entertainment from over 1000 apps
  • They get seamless access – no login, easy connect, and auto-disconnect on checkout
  • They can connect more than one device to the TV
  • They won’t have to miss their show regular reschedule
  • They can enjoy a sound sleep, unhindered by Chromecast’s power light

Make Your Life Simpler. A Lot Simpler

Stop stressing yourself about the safety of your Chromecast and focus on providing exceptional service to your guests and visitors. The ultra-strong, highly durable, and compact Solvacom Chromelock protects your Chromecast Gen 3 against unauthorized reset, theft, and damage. Install once with confidence and forget forever. Why? Because Chromelock:

  • Cuts off unauthorized access to 3rd Gen Chromecast’s settings entirely
  • Is engineered to sustain damage and prevent forced access
  • Can be mounted to immovable objects like wall
  • Is unobtrusive – compact, solid but minimal, and blends with Chromecast’s form factor
  • Can be installed effortlessly with the tools supplied with it
  • Keeps the Chromecast cool by dissipating heat without compromising the security

Installing It Is As Simple As 1, 2, 3.

Deploy hundreds of Chromelocks Across Your Establishment Fast and Effortlessly in 3 Steps:


Step 1: Pick screws compatible with your TV

Step 2: Install mountable bracket using screws

Step 3: Secure the enclosure to the bracket

And you are done!

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Guest Service

Hotels, hospitals, rental properties, Airbnb hosts, schools, and numerous establishments across the US have deployed Chromelock-secured Chromecasts. Join the countless others who are taking their guest and visitor entertainment experience to the next level.

Ready to Level Up?

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