Chromecast Gen 3 vs Chromecast with Google TV: The Best Solution for Hotel Usage

various models of the Google Chromecast, including Chromecast Gen 3 and Chromecast with Google TV

The current integration of streaming devices and smart technology into our daily lives has compelled hotels to adapt in order to provide their guests with modern amenities. Implementing Chromecast devices in hotel rooms gives visitors an exemplary entertainment experience, and many hotels have seen the benefit of this inclusion. Despite the discontinuation of Chromecast Gen 3 in September 2022, it remains the best solution for hotels when compared to Chromecast with Google TV. This article will highlight the differences between the two models and explain why Gen 3 is currently the preferred choice for hotels.

A Brief Overview of Chromecast Gen 3 and Chromecast with Google TV

Launched in 2018, the Chromecast Gen 3 is a streaming device that allows users to cast content to a larger screen from their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. The device offers 1080p streaming at 60 frames per second, and its simple and compact design make it a user-friendly choice for hotel guests.

Introduced in 2020, Chromecast with Google TV is an advanced streaming device that includes a built-in Google TV interface and remote control. It supports 4K HDR streaming, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos, thus providing a more immersive entertainment experience. However, its additional features may not be as advantageous for hotels when considering deployment and guest privacy.

Chromecast with Google TV is the latest model of Chromecast from Google

Why Chromecast Gen 3 is Faster to Deploy for Hotels

Efficiency is crucial when it comes to implementing streaming devices in hotel rooms. The Chromecast Gen 3 is ideal for mass deployment, with an easy plug-and-play design and minimal setup. Conversely, the Chromecast with Google TV requires additional configuration for its built-in interface and remote control. When considering the scale of deployment, hotels using a streaming solution such as Onlycast for their hotels will be able to see results much quicker.

Chromecast Gen 3 Provides Better Privacy and Security for Hotel Guests

Chromecast Gen 3 does not store user data which allows for guest privacy

Hotel owners know the importance of guest privacy and security. The Chromecast Gen 3 offers a significant advantage over the Chromecast with Google TV in this regard, as it does not store any user credentials. The Gen 3 model does not require the guest to login and only casts content from the guest’s device, keeping their personal information secure.

Chromecast with Google TV necessitates users signing into a Google account to access personalized content and streaming services, resulting in guests’ login credentials being temporarily stored on the device. This retention of user data raises the potential for privacy concerns, something that does not occur on the Gen 3 model.

Chromecast with Google TV stores user data so that guests will need to log out before checking out of their hotel room

Chromecast Gen 3's Cost-Effectiveness for Hotels

Budgetary goals are an essential consideration for hotels when investing in new technology. The Chromecast Gen 3 is more cost-effective than the Google TV model due to its lower price point and simpler setup process. In addition, the 1080p streaming capabilities offered by the Gen 3 are sufficient for most hotel guests, making the need for the 4k HDR streaming offered by the Chromecast with Google TV model obsolete. By choosing the Gen 3 model, hotels can provide high-quality entertainment without straining their budget.

Chromecast Gen 3's Compatibility with a Wide Range of Devices

When considering features for streaming devices used in hotels, compatibility with various devices and platforms is essential. The Chromecast Gen 3 supports a wide range of devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. This compatibility allows hotel guests to cast content with ease, whether it’s from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Moreover, the Gen 3 model works seamlessly with numerous streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify, ensuring that guests have access to all their favorite entertainment options.

While compatible with various devices, the Chromecast with Google TV requires the use of its dedicated remote control for navigation. This added complexity may not be as user-friendly for guests who are more familiar with casting content directly from their devices. To ensure guests know how to use the casting system, its beneficial to have an integrated remote like the Cast Remote in order to make them aware of the streaming feature.

The Chromecast Gen 3 is the ideal choice for hotel usage due to its fast deployment, enhanced privacy and security, cost-effectiveness, and compatibility with a wide range of devices. When compared with the Chromecast with Google TV, the Gen 3 model continues to be a superior solution for hotels despite being discontinued in September of 2022. Due to the nature of availability of these devices, which are still be able to purchased either refurbished or via reseller, it is of paramount importance that hotels secure the Chromecasts they have in use, to prevent theft or permanent damage. A device such as the Chromelock is easily attached and provides a simple but effective layer of security for the device.

chromecast anti theft

By incorporating the Chromecast Gen 3 into their guest rooms, hotels can safeguard the privacy and personal information of their guests while providing a seamless and enjoyable entertainment experience.